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Raised in the lap of fertile lands, Tasse de T ‘s teas are fanned with pristine air and nurtured by expertise of purist farmers who tend to each pluck with great precision.

Each cup serving is curated to bathe you with nourishment. Choose this healthy addiction and make it a lifestyle choice.

Power packed with goodness, give our teas the attention they give you. Brew your tea with our simple instructions and witness the love it fills you with.

Jiten Sheth, Director 
Tasse De Thé


At the age of 50, TDT blender Jiten Sheth took the road less taken and trekked up mountains – from Yunnan valley in China to Shizuoka in Japan — in search of high-quality tea. He became a student, and every tea master his teacher. He listened to the stories of labour and art from artisan hand-pickers in Assam, and befriended a scientist in Jammu & Kashmir to improve his understanding of the magical plant and bring his expertise to you. .

Rohak Sheth, CEO  
Tasse De Thé


Rohak’s interest in tea grew over a period of time with his father, Jiten Sheth introducing him to his favorite beverage. A confirmed coffee drinker, Rohak soon realized that there was more to tea than simply hot water and leaves. Rohak put his well-travelled mind to work, and presented a proposal to turn the passion into business. He has put his refined sense of style & attention to detail into creating his brainchild, Tasse de Thé .


The TDT inventory boasts of 300 teas, including Oolong from Taiwan, Green from China & Japan, Black from Darjeeling & Ceylon, Rooibos from South Africa, herbs from Vietnam and other varieties such as White, Puerh, iced, fruit, designer and art teas from different parts of the world. The collection also includes never tasted before blends created by our ITMA certified tea blender, Jiten Sheth as a result of his untiring efforts, steeping pots of new flavour combinations ones to achieve perfection.

Tea accessories that flaunt pastel freshness, cutleries designed with gold rims and purple clay, mood-setting candles, attractive gift sets of tea collections and infusers are other noteworthy offerings. Don’t forget to take a trip to our tastefully-designed, tea room in Fort.


Nimble fingers work their magic
In lush green fields,
Picking young buds to mature leaves –
A tea story unveils.

Withering, drying, roasting,
folding All for the cup romance,
At the mercy of skilled cup tasters
The leaves unfurl their first dance.

Tea is luxury, tea is habit,
An escape, return, a way of life.
In every sip at Tasse de Thé
The tea journey comes alive