Fragrant rays Candle

Magical Foret collection

Basil flower Paraffin Wax candle in concrete container.

Product Code: CN194

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  • SIZE

    10*8 cm

    Concrete Container with wax filling

    16 hours
  • Microwave


  • Dishwasher


  • Refrigerator



In a magical forest, the river flows without hindrance, the trees touch the sky and flowers of paradise are in full bloom. The rays that fall on the ground like sharp needles have their own sweet aroma. The minty and sweet basil flower candle nestled in the candle holder brings you the scent of the forest wrapping you in fragrant rays.

Brewing process

3 gms | 150 ml water
Water temperature: 80-85 degrees
Brew upto 3 times
Enjoy the symphony in every sip