Golden Carnival Tea Set

Royal Affaire

A 3 piece Jade China tea-for-one set with Gold & White stripes.

Product Code: TS24

6,500 5,200

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  • SIZE

    Cup-17.2*17.2*14.4 cm; Saucer: 15.4*2.2 cm

    Jade china

    Teapot: 300 ml ; Cup: 180 ml
  • Microwave

    Not Safe

  • Dishwasher


  • Refrigerator



Take a sip of the sun with this exquisite Jade China ménage a trois teapot, cup and saucer in white and gold broad stripes outlined in shimmering gold. This elegant pot with its swan-neck golden spout and ornamental handle is perfectly matched with its cup and saucer. Nibble on your truffle canapés as you sip on the golden tea liquor and raise a toast to yourself.

Brewing process

3 gms | 150 ml water
Water temperature: 80-85 degrees
Brew upto 3 times
Enjoy the symphony in every sip