Queen's Bijoux Cutlery Set (Single Set)


Golden cutlery set comprising of steak knife, dinner spoon, dinner fork, Tea spoon and dessert spoon.

Product Code: CU01

5,999 3,600

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  • SIZE

    Steak knife: L-222 mm, W-8 mm ; Dinner spoon: L-217 mm, W-7 mm; Dinner fork: L-223 mm, W-7.2 mm; Tea Spoon: L-131 mm-W4.5mm; Dessert Spoon: L-181 mm, W-6 mm

    Stainless steel

  • Microwave

    Not Safe

  • Dishwasher


  • Refrigerator



When gold was the standard fare at the dining table, this is what your cutlery set looked like. A five-piece cutlery set, stain polished to give you that classic gold look is what your dining table has been waiting for, especially when you’ve cooked to impress your guests.

Brewing process

3 gms | 150 ml water
Water temperature: 80-85 degrees
Brew upto 3 times
Enjoy the symphony in every sip