TDT Tea Maker

Tea maker that comes with temperature resistant glass cup, removable glass and stainless steel tea basket, can brew light, medium or strong tea.

Product Code: MC01

19,999 14,000

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  • SIZE

    27*7.5*33 cm


    800 ml
  • Microwave

    Not Safe

  • Dishwasher

    Not Safe

  • Refrigerator

    Not Safe


A tea maker when you’re in the mood for a cup but don’t want to task yourself with making it. Just switch it on (it’s a dual function button), set the water temperature to 98 degrees and choose from the four settings for different kinds tea – refreshing (very light), a light, medium or strong cup of tea. It comes with a high-temperature resistant glass cup. In fact, the appliance is so safe that the sensor at the bottom of the machine will warn you if you forget to place a cup and in effect the machine will not work. It has a removable glass and stainless tea basket that’s easy for cleaning. Come pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Brewing process

3 gms | 150 ml water
Water temperature: 80-85 degrees
Brew upto 3 times
Enjoy the symphony in every sip