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Refined New Way of Life – The TDT Life

TDT, a passion project by certified tea blender, Mr. Jiten Sheth and his son, Rohak Sheth aims to revolutionize the culture of tea drinking in India

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7 Reasons to Choose Loose Tea Leaves over Tea Bags

Here are seven lesser known facts which state the loose tea leaves are always better options than the beautifully packed tea bags

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While brewing tea, always pour water on the tea leaves in a circular motion since pouring directly may burn them

Valerian Root: The Secret Cure for Insomnia

    What goes on inside the mind of an insomniac? Disliking the night because you’re afraid of hearing your alarm ring before you slip into slumber Disliking mornings because you’ll always be too far from the idea of “Good Morning” Disliking afternoons because of the sheer lack of motivation to do any work A […]

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