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5 Tasty Tea Blends to Up Your Festival Hosting Game!


You have been preparing for a few days now to host the perfect Diwali for your family and friends. The snacks have been cooking, the cleaning is at its peak, and you have spruced up the dinner table with the best cutlery and crockery. All that’s left is the perfect food menu. All those recipe pins lying on your Pinterest are filled with these recipes that have been tried and tested before. Do you want to add that extra punch to your holiday dinner? We have got you covered with the 5 best tea blends to make you a star that you already are!

Read on to find out more:


  1. Make a Wish Tea Blend

With winters approaching, ensure that your family stays healthy with this tea blend which is – wait for it – super tasty!  A special tea bend consisting of French pink rosebuds and Star Anise, this is a perfect flavour to begin your festivities. Brew a cup with your morning breakfast and start Diwali with a bang!

  1. Infinity Pool Tea Blend

Want to eat tea for dessert? Trust us when we say this, you are in for a tasty and healthy surprise. Brew infinity pool tea blend, made with Rosehip, Orange Peel & Hibiscus. As per instructions on the packet, stir in some honey and pop it in the freezer either in your kulfi/ice cream mould. We bet you can’t just have one!

  1. Piaoxue Jasmine Tea

Binged too much on those Gulab Jamuns your mom so lovingly made for you? Cleanse your system off the glucose overdose by drinking this floral Jasmine tea which will do the job for you without compromising on the taste. Drink up this flowery goodness and get ready for another binge session!

  1. Citrus Story Tea Blend

Time for some jello! Brew Citrus Story Tea Blend made with Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Kaffir Lime leaves as per instructions on the packet. Mix in some sugar or honey along with unflavoured jelly and voila, you have the best tasting and healthy citrusy jello ready in no time. Have it as it is or mix it with custard and you are in for a tasty surprise.

  1. Herby Fully Loaded Tea Blend

End this fun-filled day with one of our bestselling herby tea blend infused with French Lavender and catch up on that much needed holiday sleep.

Try these delicious tea creations & make your Diwali a flavourful one!