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Green is the new Black


“Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is my truest friend of them all?”

We’re sure you can’t do without your early morning cup of tea or coffee but have you ever looked back & thought about which of the two is better for you? In the long withstanding battle of Tea VS Coffee, the past is an indicator of how there has never been 1 winner or even loser. On occasion of October 1- International Coffee Day, we thought why not shed light on this debate and pick the real winner, once and for all?

Before the battle begins, let’s introduce our two opponents


According to legends, coffee was discovered by a 9th Century Ethiopian goat herder after his goats appeared to dance due to their accidental caffeine intake on eating coffee berries. Yemini traders brought coffee from Ethiopia to their homeland and began to cultivate the bean. At 400 million cups per day, America is the highest level of coffee consumerin the world thanks to its ability to keep people energized, its addictiveness & taste.

Some of the prominent coffee varieties that exist today are- Bourbon, Blue Mountain, Colombian, Java & Mocha amongst many.



It is said that tea was accidentally discovered when a leaf fell into a Chinese Emperor’s bowl in 3727 BC. Since then, it began to be consumed as a medicine due to its health benefits, until it became an everyday drink.

Tea is made from a plant called Camellia Sinensis, often deemed as “magical” for it can produce more than 1000 varieties of tea. The most prominently consumed varieties today are Black, Green (including Matcha) & Herbal.  Today, 2 billion people drink tea every morning, around the world due to its health & energy boosting properties, addictiveness & taste.

Amongst the many teas that provide close competition to coffee today, the most powerful one is Matcha. An underdog in this fight, the world is slowly but effectively waking up to its benefits.


But what is Matcha & why is it better?

Source: happyhealthymatcha.com


Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Matcha originates from Japan and has been celebrated in the Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years.

While both Matcha & Coffee contain caffeine levels, there is a stark difference in the way both operate.  Matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps the body process caffeine differently, giving it a more sustained energy boost without any jitters or side effects.

While no specific health benefits of coffee are known, Matcha is known to possess a high level of anti-oxidants, helping boost immunity & anti-aging.  Matcha also helps the body burn calories as opposed to coffee, drinking 5-6 cups of which in a day can lead to weight gain, according to Australian researchers.

Apart from the great health benefits, Matcha is easy to make and does not give any coffee breath! All in all, Matcha can prove to be a great replacement of coffee, owing to its massive health benefits. With so many benefits of Matcha to rave about, we can’t help but say, GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK.

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