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How to brew a perfect cup of tea?


Are you a tea lover or hate tea because of the astringent after-taste it gives? Are you someone who cannot imagine drinking non-milk tea? Well, we are here to tell you exactly how to make the perfect cup of non-milk tea every single time. Follow the steps below and enjoy a heavenly and healthy cup of tea in minutes!

Step 1: Warm tea cups/tea pot

The primary step to making a perfect brew is to ensure that the temperature of the utensil/cup you are using to brew tea is not cold. This ensures that the temperature of the water is maintained and does not reduce due to cold utensil.

Step 2: Boil cold drinking water

It is important to use drinking water (filtered if required), to avoid getting any mixed taste in your tea. Water temperature is very important to ensure that the tea leaves do not burn. Below is a generic guideline for regularly consumed tea:

Green Tea/White tea- Simmer and turn off

Black tea/Oolong tea- Gentle boil and turn off

Step 3: Use the right amount of tea

Do not over/under-use the tea to get the perfect brew every time, as a rule of thumb, use a heaping spoonful of tea or follow the instructions mentioned on the tea packet. It is ideal to use whole leaf/loose leaf tea to get the perfect tea.

Step 4: Steep tea for precise pre-set time

Final and the most important step to make a perfect brew – to follow perfect steeping method and steeping time of the tea. Pour the water over the tea leaves in a circular motion to let the liquid interact with the tea leaves and release the perfect flavor.

Set the timer to ensure that the tea is not over-steeped. Follow the instructions on the tea packet to ensure that you use the right time (ideal time to use your smartphone timer!).

Enjoy this perfect cup of tea after letting the temperature come down a little(wait 2-3 minutes before sipping on your tea) so that you can enjoy the symphony in every sip!